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By Jade Kennedy10/06/2020Magnolia House News

On the 18th March, the management team at Magnolia House made the difficult decision to go into lock down to all none essential visitors. As many of you know this was definitely not an easy decision, but the safety of the residents and staff is the main priority and we had to ensure we did all we could to keep the them safe!

The 18 th March currently takes us to just over 9 weeks in lockdown! That seems like a lifetime now! We’ve been trying to keep busy during this time, and keep life as normal as possible under the circumstances we’ve been faced with.

Some highlights of this have been our VE day street party style celebrations, thankfully it was a gloriously sunny day so we were able to get out on the garden and have afternoon tea and a sing song!

Luckily one of our carers Vanessa is also a hair dresser, so she has been doing lots of the ladies and gent’s hairs over the last 9 weeks with staff also tonging and blow drying throughout the week to keep us all feeling fabulous!

One thing we can’t complain about over this lockdown period is the weather! How lovely has it been? We’ve managed to squeeze in a staff and residents BBQ, it was lovely to be outside, in the fresh air, feeling the warm of the sun with a burger and a beer.

We’ve had pamper days, got on the TikTok hype, and had lots of birthday celebrations!

We have been inundated with support from family and friends of Magnolia House, as well as the local community, which, despite the few extra pounds we’ve all gained, we cannot thank you enough for. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing your hard work is appreciated.

Over the next few months we’re still unsure where we are going to stand with visiting, and we are constantly checking the latest guidance on procedures to see what we are able to go ahead with, we have plans in place for as soon as we are given the go ahead to proceed with some much needed family time.

Whilst this is still up in the air, we’ve been busy planning several virtual events and some social distancing events for a little further in the future, including a Virtual Pet Show, A virtual Garden Show and a Magnolias Got Talent Event. The residents are looking forward to the judging of these events! We’re also hoping to get our restaurant evening back up and running next week with the staff having a rest and joining the residents for their tea!

We’re continuing to try and be innovative and will hopefully have some more events up and running in the next few weeks!

With our swab and antibody tests confirmed from the government, things are looking up, and we will hopefully soon be out of this.

We will meet again…
Until then Keep safe!

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