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By Jade Kennedy08/09/2020Magnolia House News

Every year, at Magnolia House, we choose to support Macmillan Cancer Support Who provide physical, financial, and emotional support to people living with cancer, and by holding a ‘Great Annual Bake Off’. In this staff and families get creative and bake their favourite buns and cakes for a morning of cake sampling, coffee, and chats which is enjoyed by all.

The residents of Magnolia House then judge the entrants and choose the yummiest cakes before crowning their star baker! The last few years have seen Rosheen take the crown and has be victorious with her now famous lemon drizzle cake.

This year things have obviously got to be a little different with Covid changing, well, pretty much everything. We have all had our thinking caps on and have decided on a slightly different event and way of fundraising this year to ensure we can still support this amazing charity.

Over the last few years, we have collected many of the residents’ favourite recipes, including a lemon and chocolate drop cake from Mary and a Mocha Cake from Betty, amongst many other tasty treats. This year we have decided that over the next 11 days we will share a scrumptious recipe a day with you all, from our lovely residents’ collection. Now here’s the fun bit, we want you to bake along where possible, whether this be a bake a day, three or four bakes, or our favourite from the selection and share your stories, successes, and pictures of how these have turned out.

On the 25th September we will be holding an in house bake session, making some of the residents ‘old favourites’ from our collection, followed by an afternoon of cake tasting, a cuppa and reminiscence session.

Founded in 1911, Macmillan have grown to be the UK’s leading source of cancer support, helping more and more people living with cancer, providing the support, tools and inspiration people may need, and with all going on in the world and the most forms of usual fundraising not being able to take place, your help is needed now more than ever.

To donate please follow the link:

For more information on Macmillan please have a look at their website

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