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By Jade Kennedy08/09/2020Magnolia House News

As the numbers of Covid-19 have again began to rise in the community we wanted to make everyone aware of our policy with regards to visiting. Please be advised of the following information with regards to visiting the home:

  • Appointments are to be pre-booked, which you can book during the week with a member of the office staff.
  • Appointments are for half an hour only as we must have a member of staff accompanying the residents.
  • Visits are outside in the garden, unless of extremely poor weather conditions, in which case we have a room with screens set up this will be at staff digression. Masks must still be worn in the room, and visitors will be subject to a temperature check, in case of high  temperature we can refuse entry to the garden or home.
  • The only people who are permitted to visit currently is the resident’s children, or if they have no children, a nominated individual of their choice. (The only exception being if the same two people have been visiting since we began outdoor visits, and no other people have visited the resident.)
  • If a resident is in a ground floor room and you are wishing to visit at their window please ensure you ring a head to give the staff time to ensure the resident is in their room.
  • Please do not visit the home if you have been to ANY other country within the last two weeks, the guidance on safe countries and travel corridors is constantly changing due to increasing numbers around the world.
  • Currently we do have weekend appointments available to book, however if rules continue to be flaunted at the weekends, we will unfortunately be putting a stop to weekend visits.
  • Please do not turn up for an appointment with other relatives and ask if they can ‘pop round too’ you will be turned away from the home.
  • Please do not visit if you live in any areas that are in localised lock down.
  • No block bookings are currently allowed, this is taking up space for other people to visit their family members, if you wish to book again please visit reception after your visit and we can book in your next slot.
  • If a resident has to visit the hospital, they will unfortunately have to isolate for a two-week period in there room, so no visits will be able to take place within that time limit.
  • Bookings can not be taken over the Facebook page.

We are sorry we have had to make amendments to the visiting guide; however, we did explain guidance would be continually reviewed depending on the circumstances and guidelines we are issued. Unfortunately, as numbers begin to rise again, we need to ensure we have a limited number of visitors to the home.

As guidelines outside the home have been eased, some people have expected the home to ease up on restrictions, however we feel now is the time we need to be extremely cautious with regards to visitors to the home. The whole home is acting as a ‘bubble’ for the wellbeing of the residents and to ensure we can still carry out engaging activities, have hair dressing services and have a relatively normal way of life inside the home, meaning if one resident was to get ill, it would be likely this would spread.

We know this has been, and continues to be a difficult time for residents and families, but this guidance is in place to protect the residents and despite your own personal feelings towards Covid-19, we have a duty of care to the residents and staff, and have worked extremely hard to keep our residents and staff safe.

Again, we will continue to monitor the guidelines and act accordingly. The current policy we have in place for visiting will not be eased until at least October.

This has been sent to all next of Kin contacts, please ensure you pass on this information to other family members or advise them to see our website for details.

Finally, we would like to say that we are sorry for these continued restrictions and your support throughout this difficult time is very much appreciated.

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