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By Jade Kennedy01/02/2022Magnolia House News

We are very pleased to announce following the latest government announcement that visiting the care home is now open to all visitors. Please see below for the latest guidance regarding visiting:

    • Visitors are limited to two per resident, per day, this to help manage the footfall of visitors to the home at any one time.

    • There is no time limit on visits however we do ask that our meal times are still protected, meaning no visitors during these hours.

    • Visits are to take place in the residents’ bedrooms. If you require anything during your visit, please use the call bell in the room and a member of staff will attend to support you.

    • Full PPE should be worn for the entirety of your visit. This includes apron, gloves and a mask, all of which is provided by the home.

    • An LFT test should be carried out prior to your visit, you should then register this on the gov website and show us your results when visiting. Please do not visit if you have a positive LFT test, you should follow the governments guidelines on self-isolation. LFT tests should be obtained from a source outside the home.

    • Please report to the main reception on arrival to show then your test results. You can then entre the home via the designated PPE room.

    • We also ask that you leave the home via this room, this is so you can correctly dispose of any PPE you have worn.

    • Whilst you no longer have to isolate if you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, it is highly recommended that you do not visit the home where there are vulnerable residents for at least 10 days following the contact.

    • The pod is still available for screened visits if you would prefer to use this. These appointments are all pre-bookable and are for half an hour at various time slots. Please contact the home for availability.

  • The only time visiting will face other restrictions would be if the home was in outbreak status, under these circumstances visiting arrangements will be communicated to next of kins

We are so pleased to again be able to ease restrictions on visiting. As before we will continue to monitor the guidelines and act accordingly to anything new we are issued.

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