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By Jade Kennedy20/07/2020Magnolia House News

Over the last month or so we have had some exciting developments within the home.

We have been contacted by Rosemary Street GP Practice to take part in a trial study alongside the surgery!

This is a very exciting opportunity for Magnolia House and we are pleased to now introduce the use of Medicspot within the home. If, like us, this is something you’re not familiar with we’ve got a bit of information to share about it and how it will benefit us as a home.

So, what is Medicspot?

Medicspot is a way of us and the GP surgery providing a contact free consultation! I think it current times, the benefits of this speak for themselves. The system will enable us to provide a high standard of checks and observations without having to have outside visitors in the home! The system includes a stethoscope, for listening to chests, a blood pressure machine and a medicam for looking at sin irritations, and to look down your throat or into your ears.

There are videos on how to the use each piece of equipment and there will be a live link to the GP to provide guidance and instructions on the observations required.

We will book the appointments as usual and a time will be arranged between the home and the GP to carry out the appointment. The equipment is on a trolley so is easily movable around the home and can be taken to residents’ rooms for privacy and ease if you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Medicspot have assured us that no personal medical data is stored on the system and this is deleted instantly, with the GP taking the information that is required for them to conduct the appointment.

Care and safety are our main priority and as said previously this on a trial basis, we will be sharing feedback with the surgery every week on how we are finding the system and can resort back to usual visits if the system is not agreeing with the home.

We hope that the system will help us to provide easier access to a GP, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and help us to improve infection control and where possible, reduce the amount of physical contact between residents and GP’s.

We are hoping to get this system up and running by the end of the month and we have now sent out all relevant consent forms for the use of medicspot, these should be received in the next few days. If you could get these back to us as soon as possible please we can get this up and running and hopefully begin to see the benefits!

Can’t technology help us do so many amazing things?! We have never been more grateful for the advancements and how it can help us all in this difficult time.

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